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All Regulatory Norms

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NR 01

General Provisions

NR 02

Prior Inspection

NR 03

Embargo or Interdiction

NR 04

Specialized services in Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine

NR 05

Internal commission of accident prevention

NR 06

Personal Protective Equipment - PPE

NR 07

Occupational Health Medical Control Program

NR 08


NR 09

Environmental Risk Prevention Program

NR 10

Safety of Installations and Services in Electricity

NR 11

Transport, movement, storage and material handling

NR 12

Safety at work on machines and equipment

NR 13

Boilers, pressure vessels and piping

NR 14


NR 15

Unhealthy activity and operations

NR 16

Dangerous Activities and Operations

NR 17


NR 18

Conditions and working environment in the construction industry

NR 19


NR 20

Safety and health at work with flammables and combustibles

NR 21

Open air work

NR 22

Occupational health and safety in mining

NR 23

Fire protection

NR 24

Sanitary and comfort conditions in the workplace

NR 25

Industrial waste

NR 26

Safety Signage

NR 27

Professional Registration of the Occupational Safety Technician

NR 28

Inspection and Penalties

NR 29

Regulatory Standard for Safety and Health in Port Work

NR 30

Safety and Health at Waterway Work

NR 31

Occupational Health and Safety in Agriculture Livestock Forestry, Forestry and Agriculture

NR 32

Occupational Health and Safety in the Health Service

NR 33

Safety and Health in Work in Confined Spaces

NR 34

Working Conditions and Environment in the Shipbuilding, Repair and Dismantling Industry

NR 35

Work at heights

NR 36

Safety and Health at Work in Meat and Meat Processing and Slaughtering Companies

NR 37

Safety and Health at Work on Oil Platforms

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