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Mania Basketball Project – Anderson Varejão Institute

Franca is recognized as the National Capital of Basketball, and Soft Works EPI encourages this sport.

Soft Works EPI participates in the Anderson Varejão Institute project, increasingly contributing to the future of children and young people, so that they develop technical, social and communicative skills, essential for individual development and citizenship training.

Sport creates obligations, stimulates intellectual and physical personality, discipline and, in addition, offers real chances of social integration. It is a great differential in the formation of the citizen and in the construction of a healthier society in every way.

The Mania Basketball Project, serves children and young people between 8 and 15 years old, with classes twice a week against school shift.

In addition to physical activities at the end of each class, students from all classes receive food reinforcement consisting of a “fruit kit”.

Learn more about this wonderful project:

  1.   Mania Basketball Project  – 2020 June
  2.   DOESP 17.03.2020 – IAV BASQUETE MANIA.pdf

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