Non-slip professional shoes

Navy Blue


Size 36 to 47 EUR

Ref. BB87 | CA 42.632

Long Barrel Boot without toe cap

  • Super light (EVA)
  • Comfortable
  • Easy Sanitation
  • Antimicrobial Upper
  • Antimicrobial Insole

Product Description

The upper of  Boot Soft Works is made of  EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), a super light material, which allows extreme comfort and high impact absorption.

INSOLE – latex with  fabric upper.

Contain antimicrobial that attenuates the odor on the feet.



BS/EN 13.832-2/2018

BS/EN 50.321-1/2018


D – J – K – N – O – P – Q – R

ABNT NBR ISO 20.347/2015

The sole is made of a special rubber, with anti-slip resistant Super Grip Technology. Prevents slipping on the ceramic floor with a detergent solution and on the steel floor with a glycerol solution. SRC standard. Resistant to fuel oil spilled on its surface. Energy absorption in the heel region (the highest slip test level).

Both the EVA and latex with fabric upper insole contains antimicrobial additives in its formulation, that attenuates the odor on the feet and avoids infections.

Bactericide – The antimicrobial technology is used to combat Staphylococcus aureus bacteria (causing infections from small wounds) and Escherichia coli (precursor of food poisoning worldwide).

Properly approved in the EFFECTIVENESS AND ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY TESTS in accordance with Standard “JIS Z 2801”

PHTHALATES is a chemical substance harmful to health causing negative effects on the Environment and Human Health. They are associated with the occurrence of reproductive problems in wild animals. In humans the effects can be: breast cancer, hormonal dysregulation and decreased male fertility (reduction in the number of sperm).

CLEANING – Easily washable, you can use water, soap, detergent, etc…

DISINFECTION – It is waterproof, its “composition” allows the use of Sodium Hypochlorite (Chlorine) in its most concentrated form or in diluted form, popularly known as Sanitary Water (Bleach) (2.5% chlorine). Both are very efficient due to their bactericidal power and low cost.

DRYING – Because it is waterproof, it is easy to dry, simply with a cloth or dry it in the shade. Do not dry it in the sun, do not put it in greenhouses, ovens, behind the refrigerator, etc…

Wear with cotton socks that absorb sweat from your feet, synthetic socks do not provide this benefit.

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