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Restinga Soup House

Soft Works supports Restinga Soup House.

Casa da Sopa de Restinga is a non-profit organization founded by José dos Santos Gomes and his wife Maria Garcia Gomes on January 30, 1949.

Over all these years, thousands of needy people have been attended and assisted, receiving dignity and raising self-esteem.

In 2011, the project to expand and adapt its headquarters began, which underwent a radical and substantial change, starting with the demolition of part of the old facilities in order to build a new headquarters, the implantation of the dental office, new restrooms, ramp, new safety equipment, etc.

From now on, our goal is to further expand the service to those in need, offering, in addition to food, solidarity and love.

Soup House is located in the city of Restinga (SP), 107 Ângelo Felício; and awaits your visit to see the work carried out for 64 years, with Christian principles and teachings.

Casa da Sopa Restinga

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